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Many of us struggle to find time to relax in modern life, and often we don’t realise how much tension we are carrying in our bodies as a result.


The relentless pace and stimulus of daily life can easily trigger a fight/flight response, leading to altered breathing patterns which in turn can cause neck/back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain or other symptoms almost anywhere in your body.

A relaxation session can be helpful if:


  • you are struggling with ongoing symptoms that are related to a stress response (this may have been identified during an assessment with me)

  • you simply want to spend some time relaxing, and feeling calmer

A relaxation session may involve:


  • calming breathing techniques

  • some hands-on work around the ribcage

  • some time spent using a Sensate device, which stimulates the vagus nerve. It is non-invasive and relaxing (click on the link for a great explanation of how it works)

  • gentle massage with hot stones


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