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Pain management

If you struggle with recurring or persistent pain, or have symptoms that move around your body, you may find yourself repeatedly treating the symptoms but never getting to the cause.

The first step in addressing this is to understand why we feel pain, and the mechanisms behind it.  

Pain is often presumed to be a purely physical experience caused by tissue damage or mechanical dysfunction. However, persistent pain is a symptom of an overactive nervous system sending signals you don’t want – rather like a burglar alarm going off when there’s no burglar.
Intermittent or ongoing back pain is a common example of how pain symptoms can become established. However, any part of the body can be affected.  
There are many ways I can help you to manage or resolve persistent pain. These include:  

  •  assessing movement patterns and guarding postures adopted due to muscle tension

  • calming your nervous system with breathwork, relaxation methods and self-release techniques

  • advising on therapeutic techniques to deal with emotions that may be linked to the pain

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