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Rehabilitation programmes are designed to help you recover from an acute injury, surgical procedure or a flare-up of a long-term condition.

Effective rehabilitation will ensure you can return to your daily life and/or fitness routine as soon as possible. It can also reduce the risk of the injury recurring or having knock-on effects on other areas of your body and movement.

After an initial assessment of your injury and any immediate treatment needs, I will design a rehabilitation programme to help you manage your injury and get you back to full functioning. This will always be done with your personal goals in mind. These could be:


  • feeling more confident in managing daily physical tasks

  • returning to your regular exercise programme

  • preparing for a physical challenge such as a marathon or swim following an injury

I will use also muscle activation techniques to restore you to full function by addressing unhelpful, subconscious movement patterns that you may have adopted.  

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