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Muscle activation

Many of us adopt unhelpful postures or compensatory movement patterns which can become problematic over time. These can be as a result of habitual postures (such as sitting at a desk, or driving), repeated movements, negative emotions or stress.

I am Level 2 qualified in both Be Activated and Neurokinetic Therapy. Both of the therapies are used to address these subconscious patterns of movement. I use either of these approaches depending on how you present.  

Be Activated starts with diaphragmatic breathing followed by a series of neuro-lymphatic reflex points. This system is designed to enhance performance using measurable outcomes such as strength, flexibility and endurance. It can also help reduce stress and increase resilience.  

Neurokinetic Therapy is a way of assessing the body using muscle testing, in order to treat the underlying problem rather than the symptoms. It aims to 're-set' unhelpful movement patterns stored in the brain to resolve pain and dysfunction.  

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